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Embarking on our remarkable journey in Antalya in 2022, we forged a steadfast partnership with the maestros of Turkish textiles, renowned for their centuries-old craftsmanship. This collaborative spirit has been the cornerstone of our success, allowing us to thrive in the competitive landscape of the textile industry. With an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, we've cultivated a diverse and exquisite range of textiles that have found their way into homes and hotels around the world.



Outsourcing textile is the practice of outsourcing production processes to external sources. Companies opt for this method to achieve cost savings and access specialized expertise. It is ideal for businesses requiring large production capacities and dealing with fluctuating demands. Suppliers provide rapid production by manufacturing customized products.

Ready products in the textile industry refer to finished textile goods that are available for immediate use or sale without the need for further processing. These can include clothing, home textiles, and other textile products ready for consumer purchase or use.

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“As Pikavia, we’ve thrived through a steadfast partnership with Turkish textile masters, renowned for their craft. Our dedication to quality and sustainability has led to an exquisite range of textiles gracing homes and hotels worldwide”

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Indulge in luxury as our esteemed suppliers craft premium, irresistibly soft products. Surround yourself with the finest—be it plush bathrobes, sumptuous towels, elegant duvet covers, dreamy pillowcases, heavenly pillows, exquisite bed sheets, and more—all customizable with your unique design and signature touch.

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Threads of Tradition

Turkish home and garden textiles are known for their quality and , craftsmanship, and unique designs. Turkey has a long history of producing textiles, and

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